Winner of the twentieth Panamerican Biennial of Architecture of Quito and Silver Medal at the fifteenth Biennial of Mexican Architecture. This vertical mixed use building, designed by architects Francisco Pardo and Julio Amezcua from AT103, expresses the desire of reactivation within the city. 

The project recovers the preexisting building structure - a warehouse and an auto shop - and reprograms it into public space for the community. Terraces and rooftop gardens improve urban life and landscape, while at the same time preserving the unique aesthetic of the surrounding buildings and respecting the existing urban context.

At street level, apart from a restaurant, the building acts as public space throughout the day to invite the community to participate in the variety of services it has to offer: restaurants, office spaces and a multi-purpose terrace for various activities, such as art exhibitions, parties, fashion events, cuisine and community events; all of which adds value to the Colonia Juarez and the surrounding neighborhoods.

This project is a clear example of existing structures recycling and reactivation. Beyond the typology, it is the program what changes the immediate context with the contact of city and society.