Izta 54 can be found within the cultural nucleus of the city, the Colonia Condesa, just a few blocks away from the emblematic Parque Mexico. Cafés, galleries, boutiques, libraries and nightlife attest to the cultural breadth of the area. La Condesa shares its borders and spirit with the bohemian Colonia Roma.

It is a neighborhood filled with history, created in times of la Nueva España between the towns of Tacubaya and Romita. It is located in the hacienda of Santa Maria Arenal, which passed through different owners until its was bought in 1704 by and named after the Condesa de Miravalle family.

The purpose of Izta 54 is to provide a unique temporary living arrangement. The building has sixteen fully equipped rooms, with electric grill, minibar and microwave, plus everything one would need to prepare a delicious cup of tea or coffee. Eight additional smaller rooms can be found upon the wide delightful balconies on the top floor.