Comercio y Vivienda
Havre 69's structure, which dates back to the 19th century, was originally home to four upper middle class families. Reciclaje Urbano transformed those homes into novel housing units and commercial spaces. A bakery and a restaurant, together with the public space linking them, create a unique mixture of uses which add pedestrian life to the whole site.

The building's main innovation, which gave the project a Building of the Year Award in 2015 by the prestigious architecture website Archdaily Mexico, is that it revalues and rescues an abandoned, historically significant building, redefines its purpose and boosts the value of the whole area. The project benefits from, preserves and strengthens a longstanding architectural space. It develops new spaces which satisfy current needs with a contemporary language, while avoiding the "fake historic" and integrating its body into the modern context.

Havre 69 builds new relationships between the city, the neighborhood and the age-old mansions, while reclaiming at the same time the urban space it occupies, which results in improvements for the area and its residents.