Silver-medal winner of the fifteenth Biennial of Mexican Architecture, it is an invitation to reflect on the value of architecture and the urban fabrics which give value to urban heritage.

An old mansion is restored and transformed into apartments of different shapes and sizes, along with a store at the ground floor. .

The project preserves the totality of the historical building through a detailed analysis of each of its elements. Its aim is to generate architecture in agreement with the new economic and social reality of the area, while still respecting the original construction.

The project is structured by a lateral corridor. The patio provides access to the original house and is replicated in the back, providing a dual access to the building. The project grows in height too, both the building and by the addition of two floors to the mansion.

The top floor is built with air and architecture: a succession of terraces and volumes allows the building to modify the perception of its total height and gives it the appearance of several smaller towers joined together into one solid structure.