Chihuahua 139 is a mixed use building located in one of the most important areas of the city: Roma Norte. This project is an example of the program to revitalize the Central City which distinguishes Reciclaje Urbano.

The ground floor is dedicated to stores which give life, light and safety to the street they occupy. The first floor has small format offices occupied at the moment by startups and entrepreneurs linked with art and culture. The second and third floors are apartments of different shapes and sizes. Finally, the top floor is occupied by a private urban farm, which provides the neighborhood with Zero KM produce and whose director works and lives in the building.

The project explores a straightforward architecture; one which puts the necessary first and removes what it not essential. It is a project designed by architecture firm Cadaval & Solá-Morales, a firm that seeks to maintain harmony between spaces and remember the values that have been passed down to us.