reciclando la ciudad
Block by block,
Street by street
Reciclaje Urbano is a social change agent which promotes an urban lifestyle, banks on the daily interaction between Central Mexico City neighbors, and promotes alternate means of transportation, pedestrianization and local business through strategic real estate development. 

Reurbano locations are carefully selected in neighborhoods with a rich historic and cultural heritage, whether it may be because of the people and their traditions, public space, art or gastronomy. It is an attempt to transform the street into a fundamental public space; one that fosters an active social dynamic and boosts the quality of life of the people living on it. Plazas, parks and open spaces with a vivid daily life, unbound by time or use restrictions are part of the ideal Reurbano aims for. Reurbano sets up its projects in neighborhoods where diversity is celebrated and expressed in a variety of ways.

Reciclaje Urbano pursues the consolidation of urban regeneration processes through authentic and distinctive projects.